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About Us

‘The AIDEM ‘ is a new people oriented media venture from India that seeks a glocal reach. The initiative is being taken forward by a collective of media practitioners, who have left their imprint over four generations in regional, national and international platforms. This fraternity consisting of seasoned veterans and dynamic young practitioners has come together to create a viable and socially responsive information space . This initiative is essentially in response to the drift in contemporary Indian media, where multifarious vested interests driven by commercial greed and narrowing socio-political agendas are gaining sway with every successive bulletin. In addressing this situation The AIDEM vows to follow the abiding mottos of good journalism: Comprehensiveness, objectivity, transparency, integrity, and above all people’s right to know. : Plural perspectives ensue from this commitment. Plurality alone, we realize, is relevant globally and has pressing urgency in the Indian context.

The organizational engine that drives The AIDEM media initiative is Hattadem Private LTD. The AIDEM’s editorial team is headed by CL Thomas, formerly Executive Editor of the Asianet News Television and Chief Editor of Media One TV. CL Thomas, who was part of Asianet’s founding editorial team, is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Hattadem. Another renowned Malayali Journalist VM Deepa is the Executive Editor .Other Directors in the Hattadem Board and members of the Editorial Advisory Board are from diverse backgrounds with proven professional credentials .The AIDEM marks a definitive enterprise by a group of perceptive social observers and professionals with substantive collective experience in the media and other realms of society. It aims to create a new media culture with far-reaching progressive effects.

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