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From here to where, asks the LGBTQ Community

  • October 17, 2023
  • 1 min read

In a 3:2 majority judgement, the Supreme Court bench headed by the Chief Justice of India Justice D.Y. Chandrachud has ruled against same-sex marriage. The queer community and the LGBTQ activists, who had been hoping for a favourable legal assertion at the end of marathon 10-day hearing, have now hit a sort of deadend.

Questions loom large for the community on where to proceed from this point, as the Supreme Court pushed the issue of legalising same-sex marriage back to the Legislature. This option is doubly complicated because many dominant sections of the legislature have been strongly opposing it for long.

Joining Anand Haridas in The AIDEM Interactions to discuss the day’s development are Thulasi K. Raj, Supreme Court lawyer and regular commentator on socio-legal issues and Laina Emmanuel, a social and policy observer with nearly two decades of experience in healthcare management, policy and consulting.

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Manish Raju
Manish Raju
8 months ago

Have been observing Thulasi K Raj over different platforms , including The AIDEM . She’s one of the most knowledgeable young legal brains in the country . That reflects in this discussion too . Congratulations to Aidem for this great discussion