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What’s the Real Story on Biden, Hamas and the India-UAE Economic Corridor?

  • October 27, 2023
  • 1 min read

US President Joe Biden’s statement linking the October 7 Hamas strike on Israel to India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor has added a new dimension to the ongoing conflict in the region. Authorities in the US Presidential office have themselves said that Biden was “misunderstood” but the repercussions of the original statement are yet to die down. But how important is the Economic Corridor in larger international politics, especially in relation to China?

Watch Renowned International Affairs Expert Saeed Naqvi’s analysis on the Economic Corridor.

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Arun Shankar
Arun Shankar
7 months ago

Thank you for this important perspective that the mainstream media in this country would not dare state . Well done Saeed Naqvi and Aidem