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The Long-Term Consequences of Israel’s Genocide and Its Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians

  • November 13, 2023
  • 10 min read
The Long-Term Consequences of Israel’s Genocide and Its Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he wants to permanently end the threat to Israel from Hamas. He has said that he wants to demilitarise Gaza and establish security control in Gaza. 

The US has said that it will not accept the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Gaza. But from several eyewitness accounts, that is exactly what seems to be happening. Israel has been deliberately bombing refugee camps and hospitals, falsely claiming that militants are hiding there and that therefore, the civilians are collateral damage. The US knows this is a lie, but is aiding and abetting Israeli war crimes. Even if there were a few Hamas militants in a hospital or refugee camp, bombing them is a war crime. The US knows this and has tacitly approved the mass murder of Palestinians. From day one, Israel has indulged in lies. It said that its objective was for the 1.1 million people in north Gaza to move to the south, implying that the south would be safe; yet Khan Younis, which is in the south of Gaza, has been repeatedly bombed.

People of Gaza fleeing from their hometowns after IDF’s warning

The roads leading to Khan Younis, on which people would be moving south, are also being bombed. Unless you are an Israeli apologist, Israel’s aims are extremely clear: genocide and ethnic cleansing. Israel is trying to engineer genocide through starvation, and create terror so that Palestinians will beg fellow Arabs in Egypt to allow them to move to the Sinai desert. Egypt has so far refused, but Israel is hoping that faced with the spectacle of mass deaths in Gaza, Egypt will relent and open its borders for all the Gazans to leave. In effect, Israel wants to engineer a second Nakba as happened in 1948. In 1948, 700,000 Palestinians fled their homes and became refugees; today, Netanyahu wants to “finish the job” by expelling every Palestinian from their land and, if they will not or cannot leave, kill them.

This can only happen if Israel behaves with utter remorselessness and cruelty. Which is exactly what they are doing. Bibi is doing everything according to plan. At the same time, atrocities in the West Bank are also increasing. Israel is not doing this officially, but leaving it to settler groups, whom the state backs tacitly, to get this done. If mass bombings and air attacks are the means to depopulating Gaza, mob attacks with police support are the way to make the people in the West Bank paupers and beggars, with the hope that, with no place to call home, they will also be forced out — perhaps to Jordan. And then the entire land of Palestine will be Israel’s. The land grab that started in 1948 will be complete. There will never be a two-state or one-state solution for the Palestinians. In fact, there will never be peace between Israel and the Palestinians ever again, after this genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Change in territories of Israel and Palestine

America’s role in all this is to keep things quiet so that Bibi can get his plan completed. It is to prevent any outrage at what Israel is doing, both within the US and internationally, and any punitive action against them in the UN. Biden and Blinken are dutifully going along, by vetoing even humanitarian assistance resolutions, while using a fig leaf of a few trucks across the Rafah crossing, which anyway Israel bombed.

There is a lot of cynicism at play here, including a statement by Israel that the neonates at the al-Shifa hospital will be evacuated — after Israel has been the reason for the neonates to lose their incubators and die. And even saying that they will allow the neonates to be evacuated is a cynical joke, given that they are shooting at anyone trying to leave the hospital, not to mention bombing the hospital and shooting at anyone who moves in the hospital. Reports on X, Telegram, and Al-Jazeera have mentioned that snipers are shooting doctors through the windows and the hospital is being shelled by mortars.

There have been major protests in the US, UK and Europe by common citizens who are horrified by what they are seeing, but it is clear that Biden and his Jewish Secretary of State, Blinken, will hold their line and let Netanyahu continue the genocide until Israel’s objectives are met, for months if necessary. Bibi is hoping that blood is thicker than water: that Egypt will eventually relent and let Gazans come in and live in the Sinai desert, a repeat of the 1948 Nakba, because popular opinion in the country will favour saving the lives of fellow Arabs instead of sticking to the principle of not allowing a second Nakba by allowing an ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

The Arab nations have clearly decided that they will not go to war. In fact, at a recent meeting of Muslim leaders in Riyadh to discuss the Gaza issue, Muslim nations were not even agreed on an oil and gas embargo on Israel. A week ago, in his much-anticipated television address, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah made it clear that it was not interested in war. Iran has also made it clear that it doesn’t intend to go to war with Israel on this issue.

Leaders of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Arab League Nations in Riyadh

So what is the future for the Palestinians? It is clear that they will lose all their land. Nobody will fight for them. Nobody is strong enough to or willing to. Everyone is afraid of the United States, which sent two aircraft carrier groups to the Persian Gulf as a warning to other countries not to expand the conflict by going to war with Israel.

So, Israel will continue to murder Palestinians. They will likely murder half to three-quarters of a million Palestinians before the Egyptians, after suitable bribes by the Americans and Saudis, finally agree to host the Palestinians in Sinai, and before the Jordanians, probably with similar financial incentives, agree to host the 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank.

Where does this leave the Palestinians? A population of nearly 12 million people will be stateless. They have witnessed the most horrific crimes perpetrated on them, with staunch support by the US, aided by the UK (which even tried to ban protests in the UK on the issue) and Europe. Muslims worldwide have seen on their television screens Israel’s cruelty and barbarism, suitably assisted by the West, led by the US, which has stonewalled even the delivery of humanitarian aid to the desperate, trapped population.

So, in the short term, having expelled or killed all the Palestinians, Israel will have peace. But with so much global anger against them, this peace is likely to be short-lived. To be sure, the spineless states of the Middle East are unlikely to go to war with Israel. In fact, once the Palestinian issue is buried, they will all normalise relations with Israel.

But new terrorist movements will begin. Hamas may be destroyed, but it is not merely an organisation. Hamas is an idea, and ideas do not die. It will reappear under a new name, with greater brutality, savagery, and symbolism, with a strong thirst for vengeance against the US, which enabled this genocide — for, without the US’ strong military and diplomatic support for Israel, at least some Arab states would have gone to war with Israel on behalf of the Palestinians by now, making things very difficult and costly for Israel. And these new outfits will have a broader agenda than Hamas, for they will pursue a more general, global, anti-West, anti-Christian, and anti-Judaism platform rather than the narrow geographical issue that Hamas was pursuing. This will make them far more dangerous than Hamas ever was. They will be more on the lines of ISIS or al-Qaeda in their general hatred of the West. And, to them, Hamas will become a powerful, totemic figure, a martyr for the larger cause of Islam, not just Palestine. You may physically destroy the Hamas organisation today, but you can never erase that totem.

These terrorists will target American soft targets and target Israelis who venture outside the safety of the prison they have locked themselves in. For those who thought 9/11 was the biggest terror event of their lives, they will give many more such violent shocks.

Essentially, what America, Israel, and the West have done is make the enmity between Muslims on one side and Christians and Jews on the other side unending and irreparable. These new terrorists will also target their own corrupt leaders who sided with America and Israel against the Palestinians. There will be a wave of assassinations of West-leaning leaders in the Arab world. Arab countries will be forced to play a double game — publicly side with Washington to avoid the US’ wrath, but privately help and fund these terror organisations to save their own lives. As before, the people doing the dirty work of killing will not be from the oil-rich nations of the Middle East, but from poor, desperate Muslim populations who have nothing except hunger, poverty, and a surplus of anger — countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, and the like. We should remember the example of Osama bin Laden, who was connected to Saudi Royalty and the bin Laden group, but bankrolled a global terror empire, using people in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, and Indonesia.

Recipients of Foreign Military aid from United States/ Source: howmuch.net

Things will get much worse in the coming years as Washington’s economic situation deteriorates, as I have explained elsewhere. The US is in the final stages of economic collapse, and can no longer afford to have as strong a military or a global military presence as it does today. It will then be forced to scale down its annual $3.8 billion dole to Israel’s defense. With money from the US drying up, Israel will find it harder and harder to keep the terrorists away, and attacks on Israel will increase, eventually resulting in the destruction of Israel as an entity and the massacre of all its citizens as the US implodes economically and socially. Seeing its weakness, the opportunistic Arab nations will once again attack Israel as they did in 1967, but this time, against a weak Israel, they will win.

And then, they will remember all the sins of the past.

This is what Bibi’s genocide of the Palestinians is going to result in: the genocide of the people of Israel — in the next 10–20 years.

This article The Long-Term Consequences of Israel’s Genocide and Its Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians was originally published on medium.com

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7 months ago

A good analysis, instead of saying the Palestinian resistant fighters as terrorists if the author used the word militants it would be appropriate because here the biggest terrorists are Israel and USA