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Decisive Wins for BJP Ahead of 2024 Polls

  • December 3, 2023
  • 1 min read

A steady campaign based on communal polarisation and a superior organisational machinery were the key components of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) big and decisive election victories in three of the four big States that went to polls in November 2023. It retained Madhya Pradesh while wresting Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh from the Congress. The latter had a consolation victory in the South Indian State of Telengana.

A panel of seasoned political observers and journalists – Lalit Sastri from Bhopal, Satish Sharma from Jaipur, Kunal Shankar from The Hindu Chennai and Venkitesh Ramakrishnan, Managing Editor, The AIDEM – analyse the election results in detail, highlighting the nuances of the people’s verdict as well as the messages it has for the future of Indian politics. Discussion anchored by senior journalist Anand Haridas.

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Sharma Satish
Sharma Satish
5 months ago

At the end of this group discussion , the contentious question was…What options the non BJP opposition in general and the Congress in particular, have to overcome the defeat and fight back the Modi – Shah led saffron brigade in the general elections.

The AIDEM may please consider to evolve as a topic for discussion on viability of a credible unity among the non-BJP rival parties for ensuring one-on-one straight contest against the BJP (NDA) in 2024.

Let me say, in aftermath of the opposition parties’ repeated drubbings by BJP, sense of uncertainty and a sort of worry prevails in the political arena.

“Threats” to democracy and democratic institutions remind many people of days of emergency.

Aa they claimed they fought for democracy in 1977 as well… apprehensions are yet again of threats to the democracy.

Today, the country has truly been facing the crisis of strong opposition voice and lack of credible (national) alternative to the ruling BJP.

Efforts for unity – alliance lack due goodwill and reliability among the masses. LS election are just 6 months away…;…

After fresh electoral defeat in four states, the morale of cadres in the opposition parties is obviously not as high as it ought to be for going to polls.

The situation warrants repeat of the Janta Party experiment of 1977 with reversal of role and position of the Congress.

However, condition is that entire process be undertaken by way of merger/amalgamation.! No more cobbling of fronts/alliance or coalitions.

This can begin with unifying–by way of rejoining/returning in the fold of- breakaway groups-like TMC, NCP etc etc.., in the parental organisation e.g. the grand old party.

Then, the process can be furthered to other accommodable non BJP parties.

This deserved at least, consideration for evolving the idea as topic for discussion.

Iqbal ahamed
Iqbal ahamed
5 months ago
Reply to  Sharma Satish

Rejoining or returning of various groups to Cong … Is it possible? These groups in the form of regional parties over the period of years have developed their own strong foothold in their respective States and have been in power or partners in governments. As such they may not return to their home party. Within the short or shortest breathing time of six months, only a minimum understanding between the Congress, Left parties and other regional parties is workable. What is required in the election field is one to one contest. Let the opposition parties march towards this goal.